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Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez/ Director of Training /
Victor Lopez has extensive experience as a military and law enforcement instructor, and he is a 20-year USMC Scout Sniper veteran. In the Marines, he had two combat deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, he operated as a scout sniper team leader. In Afghanistan, he was an advisor to the Afghan National Army as a precision rifle instructor. He is also a Foreign Weapons Instructor and Combat Hunter Instructor (Tactical Tracking). Victor has also trained several southeast Asian allied militaries on sniper operations overseas in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In 2009, he competed in the US Army International Sniper Competition, finishing 9th out of 31 of the top sniper teams worldwide. Toward the end of his 20-year career, Victor was the lead sniper instructor for the Partnership of the Americas in Florida. There, he trained and mentored snipers from four South American militaries: Columbia, Uruguay, Peru, and Ecuador. About Victor Lopez 121 In addition to his military career, Victor has been a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department since 1999. He has taken positions as an arrest and control instructor and a handgun, rifle, and shotgun instructor. Victor also completed the Marine Corps Scout Sniper basic course, Mountain Sniper school, Accuracy 1st Urban Sniper school, Israeli Counter Terror Sniper course, Sig Sauer Patrol Carbine Instructor course, Sig Sauer Designated Marksman course, Castle Rock Colorado Police Department Designated Marksman course, and FBI M4 Carbine Instructor Course. Victor is currently the director of training for Sierra Element Tactical Firearms Training in Los Angeles, CA. Victor, along with a crew of veterans, active duty military, and law enforcement officers, continues to strive for excellence.

Bill Parmalee
Bill Parmalee/ Instructor/Armorer /
Bill is a world class shooter and Firearms Instructor. Bill has 30 years as a Police Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department where he has worked various assignments such as Patrol, Armorer, Firearms Instructor and is currently assigned to Counter Terror Special Operations Bureau. Bill has a shooting pedegree that spans over 40 years. In 1997- 2000 he won the Solider of Fortune 3-gun tactical World Championships in Las Vegas. In 2002, he placed in the top ten at Combat Shotgun National Championship in Huntsville, Alabama. In 2010, he finshed 1st Place overall Gold Medal in Police Action Pistol 4 man team in Reno, NV. Bill is also a Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Remington, Ithica, Colt and Benelli Armorer.
 Dwayne Haydel
Dwayne Haydel/ Instructor /
Dwayne is a combat veteran where he severed as a United States Marine Corps Amphibious Assault Vehicle Crewmember during Operation Desert Storm. In addition to his military career Dwayne has been a Police Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department since 1997. He is a wealth of knowledge in regards to firearms instruction. He is a Los Angeles Police Department pistol, rifle, and Benelli shotgun instructor. He is also a certified Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P, 1911 pistol armorer and NRA range master. Dwayne is a competitive shooter with several awards to his credit.
Mandee Duyanen
Mandee Duyanen/ Instructor /
Mandee has been a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department since 2008 working various field assignments. Currently, she is a firearms instructor certified in Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol. She instructs both recruits and in-service law enforcement’ personnel. Mandee is also a competitive shooter for the Los Angeles Police Departments Women’s team and have won several awards in their shooting classification.
Jim Zourek
Jim Zourek/ Instructor /
Jim has had a varied career in both law enforcement and the military. As a United Staes Marine he served as a Scout Sniper team member during combat operations in Iraq. He is both a Marine Corps Martial Arts (MCMAP) and a Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT) Instructor. During Operation Iraqi Freedom he designed and implemented a course of basic law enforcement skills for the Karbala (Iraq) Police Dept. He is currently serving as an Intelligence Analyst with the Air National Guard, functioning as a Mission Intelligence Coordinator for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations. Jim’s law enforcement career began as a Correctional Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Jim has been a Police Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department since 1997 where he is both a Firearms and Arrest and Control Instructor. Jim is currently assigned to uniformed patrol.
Ryan Finn
Ryan Finn/ Instructor /
Ryan is an accomplished marksman with combat experience as a United States Marine Reconnaissance Scout Sniper. During his deployments, he trained hundreds of foreign military and law enforcement officers in marksmanship and tactical operations. Additional to his duties as a sniper, he is a reconnaissance team medic and holds instructor status for the US Navy's Combat Life Saver course. Ryan is also a foreign weapons instructor and has extensive training in Visit, Board, Search and Seizure and maritime sniper operations.

Leo Maya
Leo Maya/ Instructor /
Leo is a 17 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. He is currently assigned to the Special Weapons and Tactics unit. Leo is an arrest and control instructor with a background in Jujitsu and Muay Thai. In addition Leo has taught police firearms, tactics, and arrest and control both in the US and abroad.
Sammy Briggs
Sammy Briggs/ Instructor /
Since 1999 Sammy has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. After nearly two decades of field experience working various assignments, he took up a position with the Firearms Training Unit. Sammy serves as a Primary Firearms Instructor teaching both recruits and in-service personnel. Sammy is a certified LAPD pistol and shotgun instructor and a competitive pistol shooter. In addition to his firearms experience, Sammy is a LAPD Arrest and Control Instructor with with several black belt rankings to his credit. After retiring as an amateur fighter, he received his instructor certificate in the art of Muay Thai through Pongsan Ekyotin.
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